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Defending the Future Anthologies – edited by Mike McPhail

BLPre-Proof cover New-Proof-DTF1b mam-proof-final

The 18th Race Trilogy – by David Sherman, with Keith R.A. DeCandido

FB-McP-vf-IID-CoverFront FB-McP-vf-IAD-CoverFront FB-McP-vf-THAR-CoverFront 18th Race Omnibus 2 x 3

The Arachne Series – by Christopher L. Bennett

FB-McP-ArachnesCrime Arachne's Exile cover Arachne Omnibus 6 x 9

The Vox Astra Series – by James Chambers

VA - Black Box 2 x 3 VA - When Clouds Die 2 x 3

Beyond the Cradle Anthology Series – edited by Mike McPhail

Footprints in the Stars

Radiation Angels Short Fiction – by James Daniel Ross

DifferentCourage TheNatureOfMercy NotOneWord TheOath Proof-Restavek

Solo Science Fiction Titles

Proof-WildCybers FB-McP-DawnsANewDay FB-Proof-New-Dragonproof-final-legacy post-proof Shattered Dreams: The Shardies War Proof-Fremont Proof-Young-SF