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The Systema Paradoxa Series

A series of cryptid novellas created in conjunction with the Cryptid Crate monthly subscription box. Each volume is by a different author, about a different–mostly obscure–cryptid. While some of the books are set in the same setting, they are all standalone. Volumes in this series are first featured in exclusive quarterly Cryptid Crates before releasing commercially.

SP - When the Moon Shines 6 x 9 SP - Gone to Ground 2 x 3 SP - Breaking the Code 2 x 3 SP - All-The-Way House 2 x 3 SP - Devil in the Green 2 x 3 SP - Cryptid Fight Club 6 x 9 SP - Alone in the Muck 2 x 3 SP - Chessie At Bay 2 x 3 SP - Eyes of the Wolf 2 x 3 SP - Forget Me Not 2 x 3 SP - Found Footage 2 x 3 SP - Play of Light 2 x 3 SP - Hell's Well SP - Out for Blood 6 x 9


Stand-Alone Novels