Just as a reminder, the Nebula Nominations end at midnight tonight. Here are a list of the eSpec Titles that are eligible for nomination.

eSpec Books

It is award season once again. For those interested, here is a list of our qualifying titles by publication month. For those eligible to nominate and vote for the Nebula Awards, files have been posted to the relevant SFWA forums, or you can contact the publisher.


Clockwork Solution 2 x 3NOVEL CATEGORY –
The Clockwork Solution by Michelle D. Sonnier

The Legacy of the Sortilege Line

Treated with disdain by her family her entire life for not living up to their expectations—or prophesy—Arabella Leyden forges her own path and attains her greatest wish: to join the Sisterhood of Witches, doing so in a manner no one ever anticipated.

As the first-ever technomancer, the way before her is fraught with peril. Can she survive the machinations of her order, or be ground between the gears of reluctant progress?

More important yet, can she succeed at her first assignment: find the root cause of the…

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