Full Steam Ahead! our Kickstarter campaign to fund three new anthologies (A Cast of Crows, Grimm Machinations, and Grease Monkeys) is approaching its final week. We have unlocked all but two stretch goals and one bonus, qualifying all backers for a minimum of six free ebooks in addition to their chosen pledge reward. One of those stretch goals is for another free ebook, but the last one is for limited edition, autographed hardcovers of each book.

It is no secret that we really want to make those happen. So do the authors, and several of of our backers have already commented the same.

Well, apparently, others want it to happen too! We have received a series of donations from the authors and other creatives for a massive prize pack that one backer pledging $35 or more will win at the end of the campaign.

Prize Pack
  • An Autographed copy of Steampowered Love – a short story collection by CJ Henderson and John L. French
  • A raven-themed necklace – Donated by author Michelle D. Sonnier
  • An Autographed copy of Corsets and Clockwork – Donated by author Maria V. Snyder
  • Raven w/ Roses jigsaw puzzle – Donated by author Ef Deal
  • A Handcrafted Hand Muff – Donated by HelmHaven
  • A Tiny Tophat with Hat Pin – Donated by Whimsical Dragons
  • An Ornate 3D Printed Scull – Donated by DB3D
  • Poe’s Tears of Dispair Tea with Poe Quote Magnet – Donated by Retro Daddio
  • Three dozen Homemade Shortbread Cookies – Donated by author Danielle Ackley-McPhail
  • Three ounces of homemade, tea-infused candied ginger – Donated by Ginger KICK!

A few more items may be added to this, but I am waiting for confirmation. I will update you all once we have more details.

The special editions are not out of reach. With over a week to go and just $2569 left to unlock that goal, I am confident we can get there. We have quite a few cameos available to have a backer or the person/character of their choosing appear in various stories in the book, and a few other high-ticket items have been added to the available rewards, not to mention the full eSpec library available through the add-ons. And once we unlock the hardcovers, we will be adding pledge levels for the individual titles and all three collectively, so if you want to see these happen as much as we do, please take a look and see if any of that appeals to you.

We have also added a few premium pledge rewards to the campaign, including critiques, starring roles in an original short story, and one very special experience for those attending the Tell-Tale Steampunk Festival. We hope you might consider checking those out.

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