cropped-FarpHeaderEvenBetterAll the cool kids are doing it, so here go our schedules for Farpoint taking place February 10 – 12 in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Really hope to see you all there! We will be celebrating the release of Aaron Rosenberg’s Yeti Left Home and Keith R.A. DeCandido’s upcoming Phoenix Precinct, among other titles, as well as spreading the word about our Kickstarter campaign, Full Steam Ahead! which will be in the final days of its funding period.

Many eSpec authors will be there that weekend, and where possible, I have included links to their schedules as well.

Danielle Ackley-McPhail


5:00 PM – Salon D
Salvaging Old Ideas


1:00 PM – Salon D
Developing A World 
6:00 PM – Salon D
Build A Book Workshop


Noon – Derby
Author Readings (McPhail, Woosley, Abbott) – 

Mike McPhail

Noon Salon D
Write What You Know 
Noon Salon D
Publishing Nightmares And Cautionary Tales

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