Some of you may have noticed, but we have a campaign going on right now, Full Steam Ahead! funding three amazing steampunk/dieselpunk books: A Cast of Crows, Grimm Machinations, and Grease Monkeys. For once, we have covers for all three right off the bat, or at least working covers, with some possible modifications down the line.

We wanted to showcase those covers that are to all effects done, and today we are starting with A Cast of Crows.

Cover Final

We don’t have cover copy yet, but this is an anthology of Poe-inspired Steampunk fiction with stories by David Lee Summers, Michelle D. Sonnier, Judi Fleming, Aaron Rosenberg, Ef Deal, Dana Fraedrich, Jessica Lucci, Doc Coleman, and Danielle Ackley-McPhail. This collection is being produced in conjunction with the Tell-Tale Steampunk Festival, which takes place the weekend of April 1-2 in Hunt Valley, MD. This is planned to be a series with each volume on a different theme each year based on the theme chosen for the event. The series name is Forgotten Lore and the frame on the picture will be the basis for each book, with the inset image changing based on the theme.

Cover design and composition by Danielle McPhail, McP Digital Graphics.

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