I haven’t done one of these in a while. Life gets in the way and you never know when some kind soul will post a review. Delighted with those that have appeared recently.


Rosenberg’s tongue-in-cheek approach charms, creating an endearing, hirsute hero. Readers are sure to be entertained.

Publishers Weekly

Splendid urban fantasy – shy, retiring Yeti who appreciates modern comforts (toilet paper!) is forced to relocate to the city.

Julian White, GoodReads

Low Res

“Readers should add Even in the Grave and Other Terrors to their bookshelves next to copies of Lovecraft’s tales and Victorian authors’ macabre stories. […] Readers will enjoy both anthologies’ bloodcurdling, thrilling tales — stories that will make them lock their doors and check underneath their beds before drifting off to sleep.”
Lindsey Carman Williams, The Los Angeles Review of Books
“The stories here are unique and well-written. This book really has that eerie atmosphere a good horror anthology has.”

Esprit de Corpse Temporary 2 x 3“Steampunk, werewolves, spirits, and romance. All the ingredients a reader needs for a fast-paced, action-packed adventure.”

Maria V. Snyder, New York Times bestselling author of Navigating the Stars

(Advance Review Blurbs)

“A wild, steampunky adventure with laugh-out-loud moments and a perfect set of heroines. Hold on and enjoy the ride!”

Gregory Frost, author of Rhymer and Shadowbridge

“A rollicking steampunky romp through post-Revolution France. Most delectable!”

Tiffany Trent, author of The Unnaturalists

“A meticulously-built world awaits readers in this delightful steampunk mystery.”

A.C. Wise, author of Wendy, Darling and Hooked

“A truly delicious story. Deal confidently establishes her world and characters with small historical details and revealing turns of phrase, and leads you through the story’s twists to a satisfying end. *Chef’s kiss!*”

Miriam Seidel, author of The Speed of Clouds.

“A fun steampunk adventure that fans of Indiana Jones are sure to love.”

John L. French, award-winning author

SP - Chessie At Bay 2 x 3“I loved this book! I love the idea of cryptids being so aware, so available and they make for exciting adventures and stories.”

Alejandra Ivanez, LibraryThing Early Reviewer

“If you like mystery, intrigue, and good old gumshoe stories with a unique twist, this one is for you.”

A.L. Kaplan, LibraryThing Early Reviewer

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