Just five days in and we are doing wonderful. The campaign for eSpec Books Fantastic Novels (Keith R.A. DeCandido’s Phoenix Precinct, Aaron Rosenberg’s Yeti Left Home, and Ef Deal’s Esprit de Corpse) is funded and has already unlocked two stretch goals and completed two bonuses.

There are a lot more things lined up that we are excited about, not the least of which is an original illustration for Aaron Rosenberg’s Yeti Left Home which we are just $175 from unlocking. Beyond that we have a number of bonus stories and new original stories by each author just waiting to be unlocked.

What I am really hoping for is to reach those hardcover goals… it could happen! We hope you’ll take a look and possibly even help us out! In an effort to hit that goal, we are trying something new…

Times are trying, and efforts like this get harder and harder. We in the community are trying to uplift each other to ease the burden making our goals.

communalsupportThe people behind two other current Kickstarter campaigns are good friends with excellent track records of their own: Fantastic Books’ campaign to fund Jewish Futures: Science Fiction from the World’s Oldest Diaspora, and the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers campaign for Double Trouble: An Anthology of Two-Fisted Team-Ups. So, in an effort to lift all the boats on a rising tide, we’re offering this special, perhaps-never-before-attempted, Communal Support opportunity.

Back all three campaigns (Fantastic Novels, Two-Fisted Team-ups, and Jewish Futures) at their $7 or higher levels, and you will receive one original Keith R.A. DeCandido short story, one eSpec bonus digital book of your choice, and a classic Michael A. Burstein story, in addition to your chosen reward in each campaign. Simply make your pledge and select the Communal Support Add-on. The reward will only be issued once all three campaigns are complete and your support collected for all of them is confirmed.

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