We are very fortunate to work with some amazing artists, and none more amazing that the acclaimed Lynne Hansen. What this woman can do with a horror cover is nothing short of phenomenal. She has completed two covers for us this year, and we can not be more pleased with the finished results. Check out her site, Lynne Hansen Art. She does commissions, and also has pre-made art just ready for your cover treatments. 

Today we present to you her artwork for Ty Drago’s Rags. The book releases August 1, but you can preorder it from the eSpec Books online store via the above link.

“The Shadow meets Joe R. Lansdale’s God of the Razor. Yes, it’s that good.” John L. French, author


Atlantic City, 1982

One cold December night, sixteen-year-old Abby Lowell and her foster sister are rescued by a mysterious and deadly figure in rags and a large hood. Abby never learns his name and never sees his face, but he’s obviously good with that black-bladed knife of his, very good.
Abby dubs him “Rags.”
But Rags isn’t done, not by a long shot. With her foster family under threat from the ruthless Bernards, who are determined to tear down their dilapidated hotel in favor of yet another casino, Abby finds herself in desperate need of a defender. A part of her is relieved when Rags returns to protect her again. And again. And again.
Now, with an army of thugs and a terrifying Voodoo witch hunting her, Abby must not only understand the dark truth behind Rags. She must accept that truth, frightening as it is, before it’s too late.

Ty Drago

Ty Drago is a full-time writer and the author of ten published novels, including his five-book Undertakers series, the first of which has been optioned for a feature film. Torq, a dystopian YA superhero adventure, was released by Swallow’s End Publishing in 2018. Add to these one novelette, myriad short stories and articles, and appearances in two anthologies. He’s also the founder, publisher, and managing editor of ALLEGORY (, a highly successful online magazine that, for more than twenty years, has featured speculative fiction by new and established authors worldwide.
Ty’s currently just completed The New Americans, a work of historical fiction and a collaborative effort with his father, who passed away in 1992. If that last sentence leaves you with questions, check out his podcast, “Legacy: The Novel Writing Experience,” to get the whole story.
He lives in New Jersey with his wife Helene, plus one dog and two chickens.

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