Wow… Just wow!

20220715_133636This weekend was our return to Shore Leave after the two-year hiatus. Man, were we glad to be back! We had tons of new titles and tried a few new things set-up and procedure-wise. One of which was trying out the new Square Terminal. I balked real hard at the price, but after this weekend I have zero regrets. At the last few shows, we struggled with connecting the Square to our phones and keeping it connected. This weekend, we messed with 20220622_210318none of that. All the sales went through fast and fine. And bonus, neither of us had to leave our phones/clocks behind when we went on panels.

We also got to connect with our friends/authors and meet potential new ones in person. Not to mention discuss potential projects to both produce or participate in. Beyond being on panels and chatting in the dealer’s room, there was an amazing author dinner on Saturday night, hosted by Keith R.A. DeCandido and Wrenn Simms and catered by Andy P. Nelson’s BBQ!

Our panels went well, New and Upcoming Titles, Cryptozoology: Making Our Monsters or Proving Them, and Crowdfunding Your Book for me, and panels on Anthologies, Freelancing, and Cover Art for Mike. Then there was the mass eSpec Books panel, well-represented by Jenifer Purcell Rosenberg, Aaron Rosenberg, Christopher L. Bennett, Russ Colchamiro, Hildy Silverman, Robert Greenberger, Mike McPhail, and myself. All in all, the panels were well attended and enjoyable to participate in.

20220716_100402Overall, it was amazing to be back among like-minded individuals, sharing our joys and passions, as well as networking and connecting with fans. And it seems like it was the year to show some love because every time we turned around, someone treated us or presented us with a gift. 20220716_135922Don’t worry… we won’t let it go to our heads and start expecting to be showered with tribute wherever we go, but I would be lying if I said it didn’t warm our hearts and fill us with love. Hiatus aside, it is easy to lose track in this industry of what kind of impact we have as authors and professionals because so much of what we do involves solitary work. When you tell us or show us how we have touched your life as a fan or a professional, it galvanizes us for future great works 🙂 We feel seen in a good way, and we can’t thank you enough for such moments because it is so easy to become disheartened.

20220715_20092020220717_125428Even better, we received tokens of appreciation for our staff, who greatly appreciated it, to our everlasting delight. We are so glad that Spot, Spec, Karma, and Shiloh have a soft spot in your hearts, as they do ours. They work hard to ensure you have your daily dose of cuteness and they do expect to be showered with tribute (from us) and these tokens have taken some of that burden off of us for the time being 😉

Don’t bother with the sound. It’s just background noise, but posting it to YouTube was the only way WordPress would let me share a video. Thank you, Bradi, for all of the wonderful toys! The office staff is much appreciative.

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