We don’t do this very often… though this is right on the heels of the last one we did, but occasionally a book is in need of a refresh. We’ve been wanting to do this for some time now with a few of our older titles and the need to adjust our retail prices made this the perfect opportunity. There are a few other titles likewise getting a fresh coat of paint, but for now…

Presented for your appreciation, the brand new Consigned to the Sea, by Danielle Ackley-McPhail.

Original cover designed by the author in 2014

Proof-ConsignedRevised cover produced by  McP Digital Graphics 2022

’Tis Said We All Return to Whence We Began…

Is it any wonder then why so many are drawn to the sea? Throughout the history of Man the crash of the waves has been a siren song…a promise…a curse. Above the waves is a challenge that makes or breaks many a man or woman. Below is another world both magical and menacing.

In Consigned to the Sea you will find the vast spectrum of what the oceans have to offer. The wonder of a mermaid yearning to reach the sky… The wrath of the selkie protecting its own… A dragon waging war against pirates…

Whether you root for the sailor or the sea, here is a collection you can treasure.

“Dripping with tension, Consigned to the Sea is a powerful tale with interesting twists toward the end and a strong lead. Recommended.”—Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Rise Reviews


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