We are past the halfway point in the campaign, going slow but steady. Now is when we settle back and try not to obsess, and occupy ourselves get started on the production work. This time around we are creating the characters and making them our own–and when I say we, I actually mean Mike McPhail (McP Digital Graphics). Here is an amazing test render he’s done with the character of Kat, branded with custom squad icon and name and rank. These are just early test shots, so some change is possible, but I love being able to *see* this soldier I have gotten to know so well. Now when I read over the book looking for any errors we all missed, I see her face.

McPDG-Kat-ChrSheet branded

If you want to be among the first to hear Kat’s story, it’s not too late to get in on the campaign. We are working our way through the stretch goals, and there are stills some backer bonuses left to be had. You can check it out at DAIRE’S DEVILS. We are just $135 away from unlocking a custom embroidered version of that bad-ass squad patch on Kat’s arm.

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