Yes! We have just unlocked our first stretch goal, scoring all backers pledging $5 or more a free digital copy of Christopher J. Burke’s In a Flash 2020. We are also just 30 backers away from achieving our second early backer bonus, where the first 100 backers receive a free digital copy of The Die is Cast, edited by Greg Schauer, with stories by Mike McPhail and Danielle Ackley-McPhail.

But what we are *really* excited about is our next stretch goal. We are just $372 away from unlocking our next production goal: a full-color custom embroidered patch based on the squad icon from Daire’s Devils. This would represent the unofficial squad icon that the team designed themselves, rather than one assigned them in an official capacity by military command. The company we use is American Patch Company. If you’ve seen the patches we’ve produced in the past, you know they do amazing work!

Patch Comparison

The white version is the original icon that prefaced the Daire’s Devils stories that appeared in the Defending the Future anthologies edited by Mike McPhail, the color version is the redesign McP Digital graphics produced based on the novel. This is the version that will be turned into an actual patch. It will automatically be added to every physical reward over $100, and will also be added to the add-on section of the campaign. That is going to make one sweet addition to our patch collection… and hopefully yours,  as well!

To check out the campaign and get in on the action, visit Daire’s Devils: Give the Enemy Hell!

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