Wow… this has been a long time coming, but we are excited to share the final cover for David Sherman’s collection DemonTech: The Last Campaigns, cover art and design by Mike McPhail, McP Digital Graphics.


Devil Dogs Snap at the Heels of the Demon Lord

When a renegade prince and his demon hordes set out to invade the world, you better believe the defenders call in the Marines!

Surrender or Die

A demon delivers an ultimatum to a port city under siege. The infernal messenger is sent away to lick its wounds, but will reinforcements come in time?

Delaying Action

Sometimes it isn’t about stopping the enemy so much as slowing them down.

Haft and Spinner are on the march, coming to the aid of those beset by the Dark Prince’s forces. Along the way, they use cunning and distraction to slow the enemy’s advance, but will it be enough to turn the tide?

Get Her Back!

When headstrong Alyine sets off on her own to find her left-behind musician, life gets interesting for those who must go after her. Angry nomads, great hunting cats, and desert death matches stand between the Golden Girl and her rescuers. Using every trick at their disposal, Haft and his men are more than up to the challenge!

The final chronicles in David Sherman’s Bestselling DemonTech Series.

David Sherman

David Sherman is the author or co-author of some three dozen books, most of which are about Marines in combat.

He has written about US Marines in Vietnam (the Night Fighters series and three other novels), and the DemonTech series about Marines in a fantasy world. The 18th Race trilogy is military science fiction.

Other than military, he wrote a non-conventional vampire novel, The Hunt, and a mystery, Dead Man’s Chest. He has also released a collection of short fiction and non-fiction from early in his writing career, Sherman’s Shorts; the Beginnings.

With Dan Cragg he wrote the popular Starfist series and its spin off series, Starfist: Force Recon—all about Marines in the Twenty-fifth Century.; and a Star Wars novel, Jedi Trial.

His books have been translated into Czech, Polish, German, and Japanese.

After going to war as a U.S. Marine infantryman, and spending decades writing about young men at war, he’s burnt out on the subject and has finally come home. Today he’s writing short fiction, mostly steampunk and farcical fantastic Westerns.

He lives in sunny South Florida, where he doesn’t have to worry about hypothermia or snow-shoveling-induced heart attacks. He invites readers to visit his website,

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