As many of you already know, eSpec Books has partnered with Cryptid Crate to generate exclusive content for their monthly subscription box. January was their first exclusive box featuring one of our brand-new Systema Paradoxa novellas, When the Moon Shines, by John L. French.

This has been an exciting process and by necessity we haven’t shared too many details to preserve the surprise for the subscription box recipients. Now, however, they should have all received their goodies, so we are free to share a bunch of content with you. This first post shares a link to a cool interview with Matt Gorton and Mike Oreszczyn of Box Mountain LLC, the company that produces the crates.

And the next thing is our apologetically amateurish unboxing video of the January Cryptid Crate…I promise to do better in the future ;).

For those who would like a better look at the loot…or might want to score some of it for yourself…here is the official content of the January Cryptid Crate:


And here is where you can order the above content while supplies last: January 2021 Cryptid Crate.

We are very much looking forward to creating both creepy and magical content and being a part of this venture. We also hope that all of you will join us in the journey, either here, or by subscribing yourself to the Monthly Cryptid Crate.

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