Happy Thanksgiving…or Happy Thursday, if it’s not one of your days.

I knew I was behind…but I didn’t realize how behind. I’m breaking this into two post. This one is all fantasy posts from some amazing ladies…if I do say so myself 😉 

If you are an author and would like to participate in one of these series, please visit the eSpec Books Author Reading Series Facebook page for details.

The eSpec Books Author Reading Series

Danielle Ackley-McPhail reading an excerpt from Chapter One of her novel, Today’s Promise, book three of the Eternal Cycle series. 

Danielle Ackley-McPhail reading an excerpt of the Prelude from her novel Today’s Promise, book three in the Eternal Cycle series. 


Never before had Kara O’Keefe had cause to doubt in any of these, and yet she was now called to defend all three or lose them for all time. Though the Battle of the Knock was counted a victory, the war—as they say—was not won.

Carman’s Children have resurfaced after millennia and have reunited against their common foe once more. These adversaries from the ancient history of the Tuatha de Danaan have one goal: dominate all. Kara and the Sidhe Fianna must find a way to end this threat forever or find themselves and all humanity shackled to the will of evil demigods.

As this journey of self-discovery comes to an end, will Kara find herself and retain her freedom, or will all be lost for eternity?

The eSpec Guest Author Reading Series

Lauren A.R. Masterson reading an excerpt from her novel Geisha Hands

Yukie is a maiko on the verge of her erikae, the turning of the collar ceremony to become a full geisha. But the competitive nature of the hanamachi and glamour of working as a top-ranked geisha have Yukie feeling anything but certain about her future. Her sister and mentor, full geisha Katsu, has guided Yukie on her journey as a maiko. Now, Katsu brings one last test – a potential danna, before Yukie will have to stand alone and earn her ranking. Will Yukie achieve her newfound desires for love and success? Or will she be cast in the shadows of unpopularity forever?

Rigel Ailur reading her short story Xivaari.

Fleetfoot: my four-legged feline friend, traveling companion and sometimes method of transport. At two thousand pounds, he normally protects me (his human) without the slightest difficulty. Until a pack of ravenous canines attempt to eat us for dinner. Injured in the attack, now Fleetfoot needs the help.

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