As a special treat, we have sneak peeks at two upcoming novels, melding myth, lore, fantasy, and science fiction, as well as a good ole’ romp with a space pirate novel that is already available. We hope you’ll enjoy them all. If you are interested in the books, they can be purchased or supported via the links provided.

If you are an author and would like to participate in one of these series, please visit the eSpec Books Author Reading Series Facebook page for details.

The eSpec Books Author Reading Series

Megan Mackie reading an excerpt from her upcoming novel, The Devil’s Day, funding now on Kickstarter.

You can always find help at the Lucky Devil.

Rune Leveau—emerging Talent and one-time corporate prisoner—knew that better than anyone. She’d rebuilt her life at the Lucky Devil bar, with her Aunt Maddie’s help. Now, in her aunt’s memory, Rune continues that legacy. But when it is time for the Devil to collect his due, Rune could lose it all…

With the days counting down until she must defend her claim to the House of Magdalene—including the bar—Rune and her partner, the cyber-spy St. Benedict, hunt for a way to defeat her challenger, the fire Talent, Abraxas. Instead, they uncover long-kept secrets. But do they hold the key?

No matter what, the Devil will have its Day…

Ty Drago reading an excerpt from his upcoming novel Dragons, funding now on Kickstarter.

For one young man and others of his kind, their very existence is a long-held secret.

But someone knows.

Someone not above kidnapping to learn about the secret society of dragons, though they wouldn’t recognize the reality if he was walking beside them.

To them, the answer is the end of the world. To Andy, it is staying alive.

Ask yourself, are you Kind?

The eSpec Guest Author Reading Series

David Lee Summers reading an excerpt from his novel, Firebrandt’s Legacy, published by Hadrosaur Press. 

Ellison Firebrandt fights the good fight for Earth. Under a letter of marque, he raids the ships of Earth’s opponents, slowing down their progress and ability to compete with the home system. On the planet Epsilon Indi 2, he rescues a woman named Suki Mori from a drug lord, only to find she isn’t so happy about living a pirate’s life. However, when the captain finds a new engine that will make him the most successful pirate of all, Suki is the only one who can make it work. Now Firebrandt must find a way to keep his crew fed and his ship supplied while relying on a woman who barely trusts him and while every government in the galaxy hunts him to get the engine back! 

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