eSpec Books interviews Jennifer Purcell Rosenberg, contributor to the anthology Horns and Halos edited by John L. French and Danielle Ackley-McPhail, which is currently funding on Kickstarter.

eSB: Please tell us a little something about your story.

JR: An angel enters the Internet to try and make people happier, only to find there are evil forces at work online.

eSB: Angels and Devils are a common theme in fiction. How did you make yours stand out? How much of a challenge was it?

JR: I took the concept of high-tech, with an angel traveling through the digital world.

eSB: Is your story based on particular lore or legend, or did you take the broad concept and run with it?

JR: It’s a broadened concept of a guardian angel.

eSB: Is this your first time writing for a themed anthology, or have you done so before? What draws you to such projects?

JR: I’ve written for several themed anthologies. I enjoy the experience of creating characters and stories that match a theme, and seeing what adventures they will have.

eSB: What devilish thing have you done as an author?

JR: I have definitely based unpleasant characters on real people a few times.

eSB: What angelic thing have you done as an author?

JR: Told editors I know about other authors I know who were seeking a project.

eSB: Could you tell us about one of your most amusing experiences promoting your books?

JR: The children’s book I wrote was once read during a sermon about kindness, and there was a surge in sales afterward.

eSB: What is one thing you would share that would surprise your readers?

JR: The first thing I was observed saying as a baby was “beautiful sunflower.”

eSB: What are some of your other works readers can look for?

JR: My children’s book is called Alligator’s Friends. I also have stories in several anthologies, including Thrilling Adventure Yarns and Bad Ass Moms.

62528854_10156064159665807_3113349439851331584_oJenifer Purcell Rosenberg wrote her first story in the form of a children’s book for her 3rd grade G&T teacher. She’s been hooked on writing ever since. She wrote and illustrated the book Alligator’s Friends, which is about a socially awkward reptile trying to make new pals in the animal world. Her short story credits include “The Power of Five” from the 2018 Brave New Girls anthology Tales of Heroines Who Hack, “Waking Things” from the Crazy 8 Press anthology They Keep Killing Glenn, “Night Path” from The Nature of Cities, Tales of Silver Green, and “Evening Sonnet” in Nisaba Journal 4, and “Outsider” in Thrilling Adventure Yarns, among others. Jenifer has also written for online publications, and for the tabletop RPG industry.

When she isn’t writing, Jenifer keeps busy with excessive volunteering, organizing charitable events, teaching paint classes, getting involved with Pride events, and learning new languages. Her garden is outfitted with a miniature fairy village that she has carefully cultivated. She also makes wine with her friends, loves to cook, and has bee gaming since she was wee. Jenifer lives in the wonderful city of New York with her family. She is thrilled to be a part of this project and plans to write more paranormal fiction in the future.

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