It’s that time of year again…eSpec Books LLC is funding two new science fiction novels:

To Hell and Regroup by David Sherman, co-written by Keith R.A. DeCandido
This is the final engagement in Sherman’s 18th Race trilogy about the battle for the colony planet Troy when raptor-like aliens attack.

Arachne’s Crime by Christopher L. Bennett
The first book in a completed duology, Arachne’s Crime follows a colony ship into deep space. The crew is abruptly awakened from cold sleep when the ship’s AI has an unfortunate encounter with what it believes to be inanimate flotsam in space. Only the ship was wrong…

In just our first day of the campaign, both books are already fully funded and the first stretch goal has been unlocked. With the majority of the campaign ahead of us we have the potential to unlock two additional books for publication, along with a number of other stretch goal rewards of bonus fiction. 

Could you help us spread the word? Thank you! Two-For-One Science Fiction Novels.

Campaign image art credit: 67698892 – SCIFI UFO © mik38,

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