For those heading to Farpoint this upcoming weekend, or just in the area and feel like saying Hi!, below is our schedule. As always, when we aren’t on panels during the day, we are in the dealers room. And, at some point, I’m sure you can find me in the bar! Just hanging out, of course 🙂

Ackley-McPhail, Danielle

Farpoint Book Fair – Fri 10:00 PM – Hunt Valley Hallway

Reading (McPhail; Mack; Ransom) – Sat 1:00 PM – Salon E

Using Social Media Effectively – Sun 10:00 AM – Salon D

Writing Genre Mash-Ups – Sun NOON – Salon C

McPhail, Mike

Farpoint Book Fair – Fri 10:00 PM – Hunt Valley Hallway

Come As You Are – Sat 3:00 PM – Salon F

Military Fact V. Fiction – Sat 5:00 PM – Salon C


If we are lucky, we will be featuring two new books next weekend, Keith R.A. DeCandido’s Mermaid Precinct, and the re-release of James Chambers’ Three Chords of Chaos. Both books release later this year, so these are pre-publication copies.  James won’t be at the convention, but Keith will.

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