…Just wanted to share our exciting news…

Here is the cover for The Awakened Modern, which is currently funding on Kickstarter.

The sudden appearance of a second moon in Earth’s sky awakens latent abilities in humanity…a link to a familiar, control of the elements, and so much more becomes possible as the second moon takes effect. What impact will this sudden change have on society? Only time will tell.

With stories by Ed Greenwood, James Chambers, Jennifer Brozek, Torah Cottrill, Ty Johnston, Hal Greenberg, Kenneth Shannon III, Drew Bittner, and Walt Ciechanowski.

About the Artist – Jhoneil Centeno is a Los Angeles based artist. A graduate of the renowned Art Center College of Design, he primarily works in digital media but recently found a new enthusiasm in working with oil paint again. His paintings have been featured in numerous books, galleries, and websites. In his spare time, he plays the ukulele badly, takes pictures of random things, and explores LA’s diverse food culture. He loves all things archery, specially the Asian variety and can hit an apple consistently at 20 yards using a traditional recurve bow. “My work explores the relationship between the body and romance tourism. With influences as diverse as Rousseau and Sriracha Marconi, new combinations are created from both traditional and modern textures. Ever since I was a student I have been fascinated by the unrelenting divergence of the mind. What starts out as triumph soon becomes manipulated into a carnival of lust, leaving only a sense of dread and the dawn of a new synthesis. As shimmering derivatives become transformed through studious and diverse practice, the viewer is left with a testament to the possibilities of our world.” His website is

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