groundhog-day-2014-ftrIn time-honored tradition, February 2 is Groundhogs Day, where all across the country, we wait with bated breath for a furry rodent to tell us how soon winter will end. While the tradition is much older, Groundhog Day was adopted in the U.S. in 1887. honor of this and other cherished rituals, this month’s theme is Superstition. Our theme…your take. You have a maximum of 1887 words. Deadline: February 28.

Click here to learn more about Groundhogs Day.

Entries should be mailed to especbooks@aol.com as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf attachment. Please include your name, story title, and contact information on your manuscript itself. If we cannot identify your entry from the file you will be disqualified. Multiple submissions are permissible, but reprints are not. Winning entry will be published on the eSpec Books blog and the winner will receive a free ebook copy of the eSpec Books title of their choice. Prize can be reserved for a future book if the winner already has the available titles.

Visit http://www.especbooks.com for a list of titles.


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