Jack Campbell

Just a head’s up that we will be holding a live interview with Jack Campbell, author of The Sister Paradox, as well as The Lost Stars, Lost Fleet, and Pillars of Reality series. The event is tonight at 8pm EST on Facebook:

If you would like to be there but can’t for some reason, please do send me your questions and I will make sure they are asked, that way you can visit the page later see Jack’s responses.

Also, we posted another excerpt from Brenda Cooper’s POST today, if anyone wants another sneak peek:

Finally, just one week to go and we have some choice bonuses to unlock. Just 21 more backers unlocks a bonus book by Brenda Cooper. (Make that 71 more backers and a bonus book by Jack Campbell is also added to everyone’s rewards.) And with another $161 in pledges, we will unlock a bonus short story by Brenda.

So…one week to go, let’s see how much loot we can score!

Here’s the link if you or a friend might be interested:

Thank you,


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