It’s been a busy week for eSpec on the review front. Here are our favorites. Click on the links to view the full review:

“The stories were imaginative, well-written, and included characters who evoked emotional responses, both good and bad. I can’t identify a single story that I’d not recommend.” 5 Stars, V. Hartman DiSanto, Amazon

0528161248a-1“Throughout Gaslight and Grimm, the stories are illustrated with the delicate woodcuts of Dustin Blottenberger which add a further folkloric feeling to the collection of super, sinister and delightful tales.

If you love the grimness of Grimm and the weird whimsy of Steampunk them this anthology will be a most pleasurable experience. Should you love Grimm but have yet to venture into the weird realms of Steampunk then here is enlightenment!”
4 Stars, N.O.A. Nawle: Reviews

“I’m definitely interested in this genre as a whole and will be keeping an eye out for more books in this vein.” 3 Stars, Cara, Goodreads


“This is such a wonderful book of short stories with a western twist. Space cowboys and aliens..who doesn’t love that? Very original stories, the authors take you to their worlds with vivid descriptions and highly lovable characters.” 5 Stars, Jami Riegel, Amazon

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