Well, Happy Friday to you too 🙂 So glad to see it’s gotten here. This week we actually have an event review, which is both wonderful and unusual (kind of describes us as well, doesn’t it? 🙂 )

0529162011a-1-1“With plenty of good food, an impressive array of authors, and a pile of good books to be had, this was an excellent event. There were a number of small presses at Balticon, many of whom clearly get a decent chunk of their business from convention sales, and eSpec, run by Danielle Ackley-McPhail and Mike McPhail, is one of my favorites” Dreaming About Other Worlds 

Featured Image -- 2111

Fans of Steam Punk will love, non-fans will enjoy too. 4 Stars, Rotten Roger, Amazon

From the Horses Mouth (Gaslight and Grimm): 4/5
I don’t know anything about The Goose Girl, but I love the old woman and the horse head, as well as the reveal at the end. In my opinion, the best use of suspense/withheld information so far.” 3 Stars, Naima, Goodreads 

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