It’s that time again! eSpec Books has just launched its next Kickstarter campaign. The book is Man and Machine, book seven in the award-winning Defending the Future anthology series edited by Mike McPhail. The campaign will run through July 4th and has the potential to fund up to three additional books, including If We Had Known, the first book in the Beyond the Cradle hard science fiction series, also edited by Mike McPhail.

To learn more about the campaign visit or watch the below video and check out the campaign page.

The plan had been to un-man the battlespace; replacing flesh and blood with steel and carbon fiber. Machines, both remote-guided and autonomous, would fight and be destroyed in the name of freedom, sparing the troops. However, as with all arms races, the opposing side’s technology eventually catches ups to yours, resulting in the need to put lives back on the frontline to deal with the unknown.

Gear up! This fight is far from over in 13 new stories of the struggle to survive, the new machines of war. 

With stories by Bud Sparhawk, Jennifer Brozek, Ronald Garner, Aaron Rosenberg, Brenda Cooper, James Chambers, Nancy Jane Moore, Patrick Thomas, Jeff Young, Eric Hardenbrook, Robert E. Waters, Anton Kukal, and Danielle Ackley-McPhail.  

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