Oh my…I don’t know that I could have asked for a better first review for Gaslight & Grimm. What it implies about the collection is so gratifying. There are so many great lines that I feel I need to post the full review here, but there is also a link to the original posting.

Featured Image -- 2111“This book feels like dark treacle. It is deceptively sweet, strangely liquid and can drown you in a peculiar feelings.

The re-tales are all of books we have read and enjoy. Little Red Riding Hood. Cinderella. The Three Little Pigs.

Or are they?

When the wolf is a tale and a pelt, when the houses are hot=air baloon… what is known, and what is not?

The tales are deep and heavy like syrup, known and secretive like the Giocon’da”s smile, I don’t know if I liked this book… but I’ll be thinking about it for a long, long time.” – 4 Stars, Tiz.T., GoodReads

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