Happy Friday, everyone.

We didn’t get any reviews this week. Apparently everyone is too busy reading the books 🙂

So, this week we are giving you an event review.

Weird Wild West editors Margaret S. McGraw and Emily Lavin Leverett attended Ravencon last weekend and the convention was kind enough to host a launch party for them. Here is a write-up from Margaret:

The Authors
Left to Right: Emily Lavin Leveret, Gail Z. Martin, RS Belcher, and Margaret S. McGraw

RavenCon hosted a Weird Wild West book launch party in Williamsburg, VA, featuring editors Emily Lavin Leverett and Margaret S. McGraw, and contributing authors Gail Z. Martin and Rod “RS” Belcher. Attending guests included Darin Kennedy, Matthew Saunders, Jeanne Adams, Nancy Northcott, Jim Nettles, and several others.

The Guests

Gail Martin read from her short story “Ruin Creek” and shared wonderful stories about her parents, to whom the book is dedicated, and their experiences living with the Lakota tribe, as well as the unusual legacy they left behind.

LRZ_FTZ  in Native American Costume
Dr. L.R. Zehner (Choker 68, talon & bead 69, peace medal 67, breastplate 73, shirt 72, pants 63, mocc 70, pipe bag 64, pipe 61) and Frances Zehner (dress 6, belt 4, mocc 2) 

Photo credit: Frank Bennett Fiske, dated Oct 23, 1950.

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