Tinkering with Steampowered Dragons

A cool guest blog by Gaslight & Grimm contributor David Lee Summers.

We Geek Girls

Greetings gals and guys!!

Author David Lee Summers, who is also featured in Gaslight & Grimm, stopped by the blog today to share a bit with us from his corner of the world!

Welcome David!



By day, I write science fiction and fantasy. By night, I operate telescopes at Kitt Peak National Observatory. The job requires a degree in physics or astronomy and suits my interest in tinkering with mechanical devices.

My physics degree came with a language requirement and since I took three years of German in high school, I continued studying in college. One of my German literature assignments was to read and translate the Grimm Faerie Tale, “Schneewitchen,” better known in English as “Little Snow White.” In the process, I learned the story was much darker than the Disney movie I remembered as a child. The wicked queen tries to kill Snow White…

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