As a present to myself I drove to our partner’s brick-and-mortar story where we have all of our stock shipped and picked up the copies of Gaslight & Grimm. I was SO excited to hold a physical copy in my hand…until I turned the book over, then I wanted to hit myself over the head with it.

Hate to say I got a 95% out of 100% on this one. It’s a minor thing, but something happened when we were building the back cover and the text is two different colors. Not too noticeable on a monitor, but clear on a print copy.

The bad news is, we’ve already printed the first run of books in order to have them in time for Balticon. The good news is, each of you will have a nearly fully signed, very distinct first edition that only the first 180 recipients will have <grin> It isn’t bad, but I hate making a stupid mistake like that.

I’m still excited about the book and it does look amazing, but I should be perfect, right? Not possible, but it sure feels like it should be. LOL.

Anyway…here are some photos of my preemptive signing to get things started, because goodness knows I’ll be so busy at Balticon that trying to sign books too would be a bit insane.

 Curio says they are ALL his… But we’ve had a talk and he’ll settle for scritches instead.

Back to the Birthday Thing

I have one birthday wish, if anyone is interested…

If you’ve ever read and enjoyed any of my work, a review somewhere would be a lovely present! Just saying…. Feel free to share this post. 

I know…shameless….But today I can get away with it, right? LOLOL 



Thank you!

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