Serve No Project Before It’s Time

Gaslight & Grimm is featured over on We Geek Girls today! Check it out.

We Geek Girls

Greetings gals and guys!!


Amazing author Danielle Ackley-McPhail  has stopped by the blog today to say a few words about

G&GRed-Gold Leaf

When the idea for Gaslight & Grimm first took root in 2011—courtesy of a suggestion from author and editor Diana Bastine—we had the opportunity to start the crest of the next trend in steampunk literature. Steampunk faerie tales. Did they exist before that moment? Surely. But they hadn’t taken off as a trend yet. This was a golden opportunity. We had the enthusiasm, we had the authors, and even the publisher. We certainly had one hell of an idea and the perfect hook of a title for a sure success. What we didn’t have, apparently, was the right time.
The stories were written, loose agreements made, even the majority of the work done. And still for some inexplicable reason the project faltered, then faded into the background. I…

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