These are actually from last week, but we were away, but good news never gets old. Congrats to all the authors for having their hard work recognized. To read the full reviews–or learn more about the books–click the links provided.


“A fairly decent anthology of western-themed stories with a twist,[…] a good introduction to this “weird wild west” genre.” 3.5 Stars, Yzabel Ginsberg, GoodReads

 “If you’re looking for something different, entertaining, and exciting with good plots and interesting characters, you’ll certainly enjoy this anthology of short stories.” 5 Stars, Alisha A. Henri, Amazon



Excellent collection of stories. Should definitely be paired with its companion volume The Side Of Evil. 4 Stars, Timothy Murphy, Amazon

A great collection […] overall, the entire collection does justice (couldn’t resist!) to the genre. 5 Stars, Wes, GoodReads

This one isn’t a review, but delighted to see The Side of Good/The Side of Evil as #2 on Space Station Mir’s Top Ten Books to Be Read list. 

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