Lunacon 2016 Banner - sternbachWondering where to find us this weekend? We’ll be at Lunacon giving it one more go. We really hope some of you will be there with us. You can find our schedules below, and I’m also judging the masquerade this year. Other than that you can find me in the dealer’s room.

Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Writing                 Tag-Team Literary Improv
William Odelle                   Fri 6:00 PM

Publishing           Magazines and other outlets
Westchester Ballroom   Sat 9:00 AM

Reading                  Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading
Bartell                                   Sat 2:30 PM

Literary                 Obscure Fairy Tales
Westchester Ballroom    Sat 5:00 PM

Steampunk         Go West, Young Steampunk
William Odelle                   Sun 11:00 AM


Mike McPhail     

Writing                 The Opening Page
Westchester Ballroom    Fri 4:00 PM

Literary                They ARE Watching You
Westchester Ballroom    Fri 5:00 PM

Literary                Rising from the Slush
Westchester Ballroom    Sat 3:00 PM

Literary                Define “Robot”
Westchester Ballroom    Sat 4:00 PM

Fan Interest        Personal & Business Planning for Creative Pros
Westchester Ballroom    Sun 12:00 PM


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