We are proud to announce the release of Jeffrey Lyman’s eShort, The Fall of Autumn, a tale of steampunk ingenuity and courage.


So many lives are changed or lost as one by one the ancient bridges fail, succumbing to time and attacks by horrific beasts from inside the trans-dimensional gates. Just one bridge remains—Autumn—and should it fall all connection between the far-flung cities will be lost, sundering families and leaving the populace bereft of resources.  Can Julia Destora, a visionary engineer and cool hand with a multi-barrel flechette cannon, rediscover the secret of the gate’s geared technology before the final bridge falls? As she helps defend Autumn, the memories of those left behind, her mother’s death, and the teeth scars across her own body feed Julia’s resolve. 

Now available on Amazon.

About the Author

Jeffrey Lyman is an engineer in the New York City area. His work has appeared in the anthologies Sails and Sorcery from Fantasist Enterprises, New Blood from Padwolf Publishing, and Breach the Hull, So It Begins, By Other Means, Best Laid Plans, and Dragon’s Lure from Dark Quest Books. He was co-editor of No Longer Dreams and all four volumes of the award-winning Bad-Ass Faeries anthology series. He is a 2004 graduate of the Odyssey Writing School, and won 2nd place in the fourth quarter of the 27th Annual Writers of the Future Award.

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