We are proud to announce the release of James Daniel Ross’s eShort, Not One Word. This is the first story in the Radiation Angels: The Mission Files series.


It’s 2652 and to fight rebellions, put down revolutions, quell civil disturbance, and battle enemy ground troops, planetary governments reach out over the quantum net to hire mercenaries.

Forget glory. Forget adulation. What occupies the mind of a mercenary soldier is survival. One day Todd Rook will be the Captain of The Radiation Angels, but first he has to earn the rank. Follow him on his second mission, where everything goes wrong.

The Radiation Angels were hired by the officials of Goozner 3 to steal data from the KelRon Corporation. That data was to act as evidence to put some of the richest, most powerful people on the planet in jail. It is a well known fact nobody wants to go to jail, but the rich and powerful can protest incarceration with private armies.

Follow Rook in a sprint through alleys and buildings, a race too fast for rest, to harsh for mercy, too dangerous for breath. A journey that will allow him time for Not One Word.

Available on Amazon.

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