Less than two weeks to go on The Side of Good / The Side of Evil campaign. In honor of that I will share this rather timely meme, which has now become the foundation of eSpec Books’ August flash fiction contest.

Name Generator

Follow the instructions in the image to determine your superhero name. (If you don’t have a middle name only draw from the first and last columns, or if you have two middle names you can either use both when selecting from the second column, or you can chose which one to use of the two designated by your middle names).

Once you have your name share what hides behind your alter ego! Write your “origin” story in 2000 words or less by August 31st for a chance to win a prize (yet to be determined). Entries should be mailed to as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf attachment. Please include your name, title, and contact information on your entry.These can be funny or serious. All stories will be posted on the eSpec blog and readers will be encouraged to vote for which one they think is the best.

And then, if you have a moment, please check out our campaign for The Side of Good / The Side of Evil, an Incredible fiction anthology ( with stories by literary and comicbook masters: Peter David, James M. Ward, James Chambers, Aaron Rosenberg, Robert Greenberger, Walt Ciechanowski, Bryan J.L. Glass,Janine Spendlove, Janine Spendlove, Neal Levin, Gail Martin, Kathleen O’Shea David, John L. French, and Keith DeCandido.

And if you haven’t backed our campaign yet, but were considering it, don’t miss out on your chance at a free copy of Drew Bittner‘s The Girl in the Hourglass (only six slots left!), and bonus fiction stories by Gail Martin, Aaron Rosenberg, Robert Greenberger, Jean Rabe, Mike McPhail, Keith DeCandido, John L. French, and Donald J. Bingle.

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