eSpec Books is proud to share with the Table of Contents for The Weird Wild West (final order yet to be determined)

  • Diana Pharaoh Francis – Grasping Rainbows
  • James Tuck – From Parts Unknown
  • John Hartness – Redemption Song
  • Gail Z. Martin and Larry M. Martin – Ruin Creek
  • Tonia Brown – Frank & Earnest
  • R S Belcher – Rattler
  • Jonathan Maberry – Son of a Gun
  • Robert Waters – Mungo Snead’s Last Stand
  • David Sherman – Rocky Rolls Gold
  • Liz Colter – Sundown
  • Scott C. Hungerford – Fifteen Seconds
  • Frances Rowat – Abishag Mary
  • Ken Schrader – Haven
  • Bryan C. P. Steele – Via Con Diablo
  • Wendy N. Wagner – Blood Tellings
  • Misty Massey – (As Yet Untitled)

Congrats to everyone, this is going to be one hell of a book!

Based on the current progress, the book is scheduled to release sometime in October.

We also have a few surprises up our sleeves…but we are not at liberty to let those cats out of the bag yet!

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