REMINDER – The deadline for our current flash fiction contest is Tuesday, June 30th.

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Growing up one of my favorite books from my grade school library was Comanche of the Seventh by Margaret Leighton, so much so that as an adult I tracked a copy down for my private library. No mean feat, believe me. It was published in 1957! It is the story of a Calvary horse, one of the only survivors of Custer’s Last Stand. The Sioux believed the horse was magic to still be alive and did not harm him when he was discovered afterward.

commanche of the seventh

June 25 is the 139th anniversary of The Battle of Little Bighorn, which makes it ideal for this month’s topic for the eSpec Books Flash Fiction contest. Tell us what really happened before, during, or after the battle in 1390 words or less, weird-wild-west style. (Let your imagination run wild. You don’t have to write about Comanche or Custer or even anything military, dig for the…

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