PUBLICATION ANNOUNCEMENT – The Society for the Preservation of CJ Henderson

eSpec Books is delighted to announce
the completion of their first publication,
The Society for the Preservation of CJ Henderson.


The collection is edited by Danielle Ackley-McPhail and Greg Schauer, includes stories by John L. French, Jean Rabe, Patrick Thomas, David Boop, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Jeff Young, Leona Wisoker Robert M. Price, Leona Wisoker, James Chambers, and, as always, CJ Henderson. Artwork was provided by Ben Fogletto and Jason Whitley, and the cover art was colored by CJ’s daughter, Erica Henderson.


Cover Blurb:

On July 4th, 2014 the world lost CJ Henderson, an iconic author and all-around great guy. He lost his battle with cancer, but he did not go quietly and he will not be forgotten. His work is immortalized in over 70 novels and works of non-fiction, and at least as many collections, anthologies, and magazines. In fact, new works by CJ Henderson will publish for years to come thanks to his heroic efforts to finish and find homes for those projects as-yet unpublished at the time of his illness, two of which are printed here.

CJ always did what he could to give other authors a boost. Encouraging them, mentoring them, sending opportunities their way. With that in mind those of us who called him friend feel there is no better tribute we can raise in his memory than an anthology filled with people he has helped over the years, writing stories inspired by CJ or his work.

We hope you enjoy these tales of fantasy, science fiction and horror, and that they might inspire you as well.


The Amazon listing is not yet available, but for those who would like to add the book to their reading lists, or help us out with a review, you can tag the book on GoodReads:

Our thanks go out to our backers and contributors of every sort for making this collection possible:

The Official Roster of The Society for the Preservation of CJ Henderson

Adam Selby-Martin
Alexander “Guddha” Gudenau
Amanda Johnson
Amanda Waters
Amelia Smith
Andreas Gustafsson
Andrew Hatchell
Aussie Adventurer
Barb and Carl Kesner
Ben “Damocles Thread” Walker
Bodge Inglee-Richards
Brenda Cooper
Brendan Lonehawk
Bruce Press
Catherine Gross-Colten
Cathy Franchett
Cato Vandrare
Chris Quinn
Christian Steudtner
Christopher Northern
Chuck Parker
Cliff Winnig
Danielle Ackley-McPhail
David Zurek
Debbie Ronca
Don Corcoran
Donald J. Bingle
Drew J Cass
Duncan Dog
Elizabeth Howe
Ellen Gensel
Emily Lavin Leverett
eric priehs
Evaristo Ramos, Jr.
Furry Senpai
Gail Z. Martin
Grant Klein
Greg Schauer
Guilded Age
James Chambers
Jason Russell
Jeff Young
Jen Thurman
Jenna Bird
Joe Murphy
Joeseph Simon
John “Shadowcat” Ickes
John Green
John Idlor
Jonathan Maberry
Joshua Hair
Joshua Ziegler
Kelli Neier
Kelly Farmer
Kyle Cassidy
Larry “Lordlnyc” Nelson
Laura A. Burns
Leshia-Aimée Doucet
Linda Pierce
Louise Löwenspets
Lynn Kramer
Maggie Allen
Marc Thorner
Margaret S. McGraw
Margaret St. John
Mark A. Schmidt
Mark Knapp Jr
Mark Lukens
Mary F Province
Matilda L. Madden,  Ph.D
Mendel Schmiedekamp
Meredith Peruzzi
Michael Carson
Mike McPhail
Mike Spring
Missy Katano
Mr.& Mrs. Gregory Schwartz
Mystik Waboose
Nathan Duby
Nick Monteleone
Nicole Schwartz
Patrick Thomas
Pepita Hogg-Sonnenberg
Quintin Peterson
Rachel Marie Province
Ray Spitz
Rene Tang
Rob Balder
Rodney Romasanta
Sabrina Piazza
Sally Novak Janin
Scott A. Johnson
Scott Elson
Scott Goodell
Scott Johnson
Silence in the Library Publishing
Stacey Helton McConnell
Steven Tudor
Susan Glenn
Susan Pflug
The Bailey’s
The Dannenbaums
Thomas J. Talamini
Tina England
Tom Bither
Tom Carpenter
Tony Finan
Vic Polites
Vicki Johnson-Steger
Wanda Beers
Wibble Nut
Zan Rosin

Thank you all for your support.

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