Happy Black Friday! (This is going to be LONG)

For everyone looking for those holiday deals, this one is a steal! For as little as a $5 pledge you will get:


– The Society for the Preservation of CJ Henderson anthology edited by Danielle Ackley-McPhail and Greg Schauer, with works by Jean Rabe,James Chambers, Jeff Young, Patrick Thomas, Leona Wisoker, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, David Boop, Robert M. Price, John L. French, and CJ himself.

– A print copy of The Sleep that Rescues by CJ Henderson (only 39 left)

– A digital download of Worms by JE Mooney

– A digital download of Dance Like a Monkey edited by Jean Rabe, with stories by Gene Wolfe, Joe Haldeman, Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, KT Pinto, Alma Alexander, Maggie Masetti (Allen), Davey Beauchamp, Donald J. Bingle, Dylan Birtolo, M David Blake, James Chambers, Alan M. Clark, David B. Coe, Jack Dann, Keith DeCandido, Bill Fawcett, John L. French, Tera Fulbright, Ed Greenwood, John Hartness, Nancy and Belle Holder, Stuart Jaffe, Rick Leider, Randall Lemon,Jonathan Maberry, Gail Martin, Jody Lynn Nye, Angela Pritchett, Mike Resnick, Jean Rabe, Aaron Rosenberg, Janine Spendlove, Vicki Steger, Anton Strout, Kelly Swails, Robert E. Vardeman, Elizabeth A Vaughn,Michael A Ventrella, Cynthia Ward, Jean Marie Ward, Bryan Young, and Timothy Zahn. (Yes, the book is THAT big!)

– a digital download of Choices of Damnation by John L. French

– a digital download of Within the Branches of Alternity by Jeff Young.

– a digital download of Flash in the Can, an audiobook by Danielle Ackley-McPhail, voiced by the author

– a digital download of Local Catch by John L. French

Can you imagine…ALL of that for a pledge of as little as $5! You could take care of a good chunk of your holiday gift list with no more than a fiver! And we aren’t done yet!

Here are the next goals coming up:

– a digital download of Soul Seduction by Patrick Thomas.
– a digital download of CJ Henderson himself reading one of his stories in its entirety (a 20 minute video)
– a digital download of When Dragons Fly by Vicki Johnson-Steiger
– a digital download of Ratfish by Buck Hanno
– a digital download of Fezig’s Fortune by Jean Rabe
– a digital download of Elfhunter by C.S. Marks.

Again I ask, can you imagine getting all of that for as little as $5?! It could happen!

If you want to check it out and maybe help us help CJ’s family with his medical and funeral costs, you can visit our Kickstarter page at This is a for-the-love anthology with all profits going to the family.

And the best thing is…no long lines, and the deal is good for another 28 days! Can you help us spread the word, please?

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