Jennifer Brozek is a long-time friend and colleague. She has a new, limited time release she wants to get the word out about and we want to help her. Please take a look.

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Apocalypse Ink Productions announces Boxed Set containing Exile and Caller Unknown

Peter M. Ball, author of Exile, and Jennifer Brozek, author of Caller Unknown, participate in Under an Enchanted Skyline, a boxed Urban Fantasy set from Martian Cantina (an imprint of Cantina Publishing)

Apocalypse Ink Productions is pleased to announce that two of our authors are releasing their works in the Under an Enchanted Skyline box set. Peter M. Ball’s, Exile launches the set into adventure. Caller Unknown, by Jennifer Brozek concludes the collection. The boxed set is rounded out by other stories from: Django Wexler, Erik Scott de Bie, Cedar Blake, Phoebe Matthews, and Doug Blakeslee. It is available for a limited time only from Martian Cantina.

This boxed set contains eight urban fantasy tales from seven amazing authors. From private investigators to ghosts to superheroes, this boxed set has it all. Whether or not you recognize the cities, you’ll be drawn in by the intrigue and the fun. These novels and novellas include adventure, magic, and plenty of twists. Over seven hundred pages of epic reading await! Let the adventures begin.

Hurry as this set is only available for a limited time from November 15.






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