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Radiation Angels: The Mission Files
James Daniel Ross

Radiation Angels: The Mission Files, by James Daniel Ross

Lightyears of distance begin as humble feet of space, and the rise of one of the legendary mercenaries is no different. These stories are collected from many sources to bring you a more complete picture of Todd Rook, a man who would one day risk everything on a gambit, and defend two planets from the damnation of Damocles.

James Daniel Ross
Radiation Angels


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Not One Word

It's 2652 and to fight rebellions, put down revolutions, quell civil disturbance, and battle enemy ground troops, planetary governments reach out over the quantum net to hire mercenaries. Forget glory. Forget adulation. What occupies the mind of a mercenary soldier is survival. One day Todd Rook will be the Captain of The Radiation Angels, but first he has to earn the rank. Follow him on his second mission, where everything goes wrong.


Radiation Angels, The Mission Files: Restavek, by James Daniel Ross
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When the richest man in the galaxy finds out his estranged daughter was born on the worst cesspool colonized by man, he will hire the Radiation Angels. Lieutenant Todd Rook is Tapped for the mission, one that will haunt him for the rest of his days, and burn into everyone's mind one word: Restavek.



Radiation Angels, The Mission Files: The Oath, by James Daniel Ross
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The Oath

Mercenaries in the 27th century are said to be pragmatic, crafty, and even callous. Yet there are some things they hold above all else. The first must be the lockbox, for every man who fights must be paid. The second is the integrity of the commander, for none wish to be sent to die needlessly to save on pay or paperwork. And lastly, if the commander gives his word to come get you, he must keep that promise.  It is this Oath that shall define the command of Captain Todd Rook.


Radiation Angels, The Mission Files: The Nature of Mercy, by James Daniel RossBuy the ebook, Radiation Angels: The Mission Files, The Nature of Mercy at

The Nature Of Mercy

People forget, far too often. Religion can be a beautiful thing. It can bind communities into pillars of generosity and spirit. It can teach the great to support the wretched. It can allow for humility and understanding, inspire justice and fair play. It can armor a heart against fear. As long as religion contains the spiritual element of mercy.  Otherwise, all is fire and blood.


Radiation Angels, The Mission Files: A Different Kind of Courage, by James Daniel RossBuy the ebook, Radiation Angels: The Mission Files, A Different Kind of Courage at

A Different Kind Of Courage

Captain Todd Rook is called to meet with a revolutionary leader to foment open rebellion. It is a just cause, an honest cause, a righteous cause. It is simply one he does not believe can win. He must meet in the rebel camp and tell them the truth. And hopefully, teach these slaves that there is more than one kind of uprising, a different sort of rebellion, more than one kind of courage in the face of oppression.


First Drop

Follow Todd Rook on his very first mission as a Scout/All Terrain for The Radiation Angels. Planet Walden was once a paradise of sylvan glades and ivory towers. No more. The Golla, genetically engineered servants, have broken free and run amok. Now the plant burns, a center of turmoil strewn with the bodies of the innocent. Separated from his unit and dodging Golla at every turn, he uncovers a mystery large enough, with a payoff big enough it has turned an entire planet into a bloodbath. Now it is up to him to unravel the threads of evidence and shut down the anti-air defense network before he is cornered, captured, and killed.

Radiation Angels


The Chimerium Gambit

Lead by Captain Todd Rook, this misfit crew is contracted for a standard coup, but they are betrayed by their employers. The Radiation Angels must wager their fortunes, their friends, their very lives on a plan that will make them rich beyond kings, or ensure their painful demise. A gamble that will become known as: The Chimerium Gambit. Their journey will take them across the known universe and lead to a deadly showdown between Rook and the assembled might of a dictator. It is a duel that will take place without reinforcements, without proper equipment, and in the worst cesspool of all the colonies: Mars.


The Key To Damocles

The man is back! In this sequel to The Chimerium Gambit, Rook is hired by his old teammate Manuel Ortega to travel to planet Persephone and stem the endemic violence. Follow this action packed space adventure as Rook pits his legendary tactical genius against a power hungry law enforcement agency director, a radical revolutionary, a heavily biased media, a terrified population, and a shadowy secret society. Can he unravel the secrets that seek to strangle this once vibrant planet? Can he pull the plug on the revolution that robs the people of their homes and jobs? In a society clearly near the breaking point can even the Captain of The Radiation Angels find a way to make a difference?

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