Lord Of Fire, Lord Of Wind
Jeffrey Lyman


Fight Me. Blow Out My Fire.

A monarchy deposed. A city besieged. It is whispered in the streets that the salvation of the people lies in the chosen one... in royal blood.

They lay their hope on Rhex, their warrior prince, returned from exile wielding the power of a FireLord. But how bright does his flame burn?

Even as he retakes the city, the world of war howl at his heels.

In the shadow of her brother's glorious return, Juliana, the crowned princess, gather her tattered dignity around her and climbs from the mews where shehas been trapped in servitude. Humble, but determined to regain her honor, she resumes her place at her brother's side.

Through adversity she found her inner fire, but will she -- and her city -- rise from the pyreor learn what it truly means to burn?

Jeffrey Lyman's Lord of Fire, Lord of Wind

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