Man And Machine
Series Editor: Mike McPhail


The plan had been to un-man the battlespace; replacing flesh and blood with steel and carbon fiber. Machines, both remote and autonomous would fight and be destroyed in the name of freedom; sparing the troops at the cost of the nation's treasure.

However as with any arms races, the opposing side's technology eventually catches ups to yours, resulting in the need to put lives back in harms way on the frontline; to deal with, and adapt to the unknown, as only human can.



Jennifer Brozek
"Inky, Blinky, and Me""

Robert E. Waters
"The First Peace"
 (Devil Dancers)

Aaron Rosenberg
"Win or Lose"

James Chambers
"The Meth Moth of
Kraken Mare"

Nancy Jane Moore

Judi Fleming
"Service Call"

Ronald Garner
"We Are All Marines

Eric V. Hardenbrook
"Trigger Discipline"

Bud Sparhawk
"Turtle and Bird"

Jeff Young

Patrick Thomas
"Machine in the Ghost"
(142 Starborne)

Anton Kukal

Brenda Cooper
"Along the Northern

"Casualties of War"


C.J. HendersonI
"Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen"

DTF Dogs Of War (Reissued)


Series: Defending The Future
Series Code: DTFVIIMAN
Science Fiction
Sub-genre: Military
Type: Anthology
Stories: 14
Dedication Letter: 1
Reprints: none
Page Count: 212
Size: 6x 9 inches
Cover: Color, CGI
Illustrations: B/W, line art

First Edition: 2016

ISBN (hardcover):n/a
ISBN (ebook):

Price: $5.00 US

ISBN-13 (trade paper):
Price: $15.00 US


Series Editor: Mike McPhail


McP Digital Graphics

Cover Art, Layout and
Interior Illustrations

McP Digital Graphics


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