A Legacy Of Stars
Danielle Ackley-McPhail


Turn Your Eyes to the Heavens
and be Amazed!

With one small step, mankind embarked on a journey fraught with potential and danger in equal measure. In A Legacy of Stars, Danielle Ackley- McPhail delves into those same depths as humanity ventures out into the complexity of space.

New worlds... dangers... marvels... Unearthly landscapes and beings that transcend alien. The conflicts of man versus, well... everything, including man. The bittersweet triumph of survival out among the stars.

Explore the harsh reality and boundless possibilities of mankind let loose on the greater universe. Pirates and gypsies, elite armed forces and scientific pioneers, all faced with the horror, wonder, and unexpected challenges that life in space has to offer. Pitch battles, political intrigues, military conquest, wondrous discoveries... glimpse what it is to be human, or not, in the technological age, beyond the bounds of humanity's cradle.

Danielle makes the reader into an embedded (and unfortunately unarmed) observer on a rapid- moving ride-along.

- Jody Lynn Nye,
on "The Devil You Don't"

Both chilling and gripping...

- Michael Z. Williamson,
on "In The Dying Light"

A Legacy Of Stars, a collection of science fiction from Danielle Ackley-McPhail




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