18th Race Trilogy
David Sherman


The men of 1st Marine Combat Force are in a life-and-death struggle with the Dusters, bird-like aliens who launched a surprise attack on Troy, and vanished the entire Human population!


-----Book 1-----

David Sherman's, 18th Race Trilogy, book 1, Issue In Doubt.



-----Book 2-----

David Sherman's, 18th Race Trilogy, book 2, In All Directions.



-----Book 3-----

David Sherman's, 18th Race Trilogy, book 3, To Hell And Regroup.

To Hell And Regroup.
Keith R.A. DeCandido

Author David ShermanDavid Sherman began writing in 1983. His first novel was published in 1987, and he now has almost three dozen books to his credit. Most of his writing has been military science fiction or fantasy, and most of what wasn't is either about US Marines in the Vietnam War, or other military SF. His books include the six book VN series The Night Fighters, three other VN novels, the DemonTech series, a vampire novel, and a mystery novel. With Dan Cragg, he's the author of the Starfist series, the Starfist: Force Recon series, and a Star Wars thingie. His books have been translated into Czech, Polish, German, and Japanese. He lives in South Florida.



"David Sherman writes about Marines with the razor-shape realism of one of their own."

Jack Campbell
Lost Fleet, Lost Stars series




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