McP Digital Graphics, Graphic Design and Prepress for Small-Press and Individual Publication.

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McP Digital Graphics and PhailSafe-obj 3d Modeling


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Welcome to the new home of
McP Digital Graphics

Formerly known as
McP Concepts

Founded in 2012, the company's goal was to provide essential --for press-- services to publishers and individuals. In 2015 McPDG became the in house graphics provider for eSpec Books LLC, based in Stratford New Jersey, USA.

Graphic Design:
Cover art, text treatment, layout, and interior illustrations.

Color correction and convention to CMYK,
barcode and transfer to printers' template.

Design Evaluation
 Will review an existing cover design and provide a detailed
 evaluation based on industry standards.

Built on the foundation of McP Concepts --established in 2005-- the staff has over a decade of experience in small-press production, and dealing with Lightning Source; built upon years of experience working for the big printing and publishing houses in New York and Philadelphia.



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